We promise quality, purity and safety for you and your family’s health and wellbeing by using nature’s purest organic ingredients!
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“We promise quality, purity and safety for your health and wellbeing,
as well as for the planet, by using nature’s purest organic ingredients!”

Herbiotics laboratoy, the first green lab in the Philippines and one of the few green labs in the world.

This year, 2021, Herbiotics is celebrating a milestone: our 27th year in the challenging but exhilarating world of natural medicine! Herbiotics was founded in Silicon Valley, California, amidst the intellectual brilliance, thick-willed determination and boundless energy for discovery ushered in by the dawn of the computer age. We carried this spirit of innovation to the Philippines, where we opened our first facility in 2000.

Herbiotics® is a community of experienced educators, scientists, herbalists, chemists and practitioners, trained in nature’s principles and scientific methodologies.

The human body is perceived as a dynamic organism, a part of nature, in which everything is linked and continuously renews and reorganizes itself. At the Institute, we do not specialize on individual organs but we treat the individual as a whole.

Medical science has established that one of the most important factors in supporting a healthy, balanced immune system is good nutrition.