Our Story
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Herbiotics laboratory, the first green lab in the Philippines and one of the few green labs in the world.

Our Story…

Herbiotics®  USA was established in Silicon Valley California in 1994.


The Wellness Institute International, driven by Dr Christine Gonzalez’ strong commitment to help create a healthier planet and future generations to come, brought Herbiotics USA to the Philippines.

Herbiotics® Organic Laboratory, the first and only green lab in the Philippines, rests atop a mountain ridge overlooking the majestic lake of the Taal Volcano.  The laboratory was constructed with zero-waste using completely eco-friendly materials.The natural splendour, cool and clean atmosphere of the Tagaytay ridge makes it theperfect place to produce organic herbal supplements, teas, tonics, tinctures and oils.


Herbiotics® is a community of experienced educators, researchers, scientists, herbalists and practitioners, trained in nature’s principles and scientific methodologies.

Herbiotics®  USA and Wellness Institute Philippines (2000) has pioneered the use of Moringaoleifera tonic, tea, tinctures, poultice, food supplements and fresh juices in the Philippines since 2001.


The superior quality of our herbal supplements, teas, tonics, tinctures, personal care and household products begins with our organic farm and CGMP manufacturing facility. At Herbiotics®, we can guarantee the freshness, purity and potency of our herbal products by overseeing the process from seed to bottle. Our in-house physicist and chemist from the University of California, Berkeley, implements a quality control standard that is next to none. More than twenty five years of studies, research and practice cultivated the development of unique, step by step scientifically validated methods of growing, harvesting and processing from raw materials to your hands.

Herbiotics®  USA and Wellness Institute Philippines (2000) has pioneered the use of Moringaoleifera tonic, tea, tinctures, poultice, food supplements and fresh juices in the Philippines since 2001.

Enjoy optimum health and wellbeing with Herbiotics®  organic herbal products!

One Vision

To promote the life giving and health protecting properties of nature’s resources as “Our Vital Root of Existence.”

One Mission

To continuously educate and research the healing properties of nature as a core factor to integral health, wellbeing and sustainable living.

One Core Objective

To lead and link with various cultures, groups and individuals through the production, development and use of natural, organic health products and services in total harmony with the laws of nature and the environment.

From Earth to Your Hands . . .

From Earth to Your Hands . . .

We live in an era where medicine is separated from food, as taught by medical science. Herbs were once the primary means of treating illnesses and assuring good health. We have wandered too far from that approach, as we are just beginning to rediscover the powerful health benefits of nature’s resources.


At Herbiotics®, we are fully committed to our responsibility to preserve, sustain and promote a healthy and beautiful planet.  Its people and the environment are key components of holistic wellbeing in mind, body and spirit.


What a difference it would make if we all be involved in giving back to our earth what she has so generously and abundantly given all of us.


Together, let us create a just, sustainable and healthy world

Christine E. Gonzalez, NMD,PhD