Organic Herbal Poultice * Shrinks tumor, cysts, mass.
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Organic Herbal Poultice * Shrinks tumor, cysts, mass.



150 grams

Enema is an effective method for removing waste trapped in
the lowest part of the colon. HMC Herbal Enema is a blend
of organic herbs specially formulated to alleviate symptoms of
constipation by thoroughly cleansing the colon and reducing
toxic overload. Clearing the colon of waste material can result in
improved bowel function, a strengthened immune system and
restored pH balance. Beneficial bacteria can flourish, promoting
proper digestion and an improvement of nutrient absorption.
If you suffer from any of the following, then an enema may be able
to help: constipation, bloating, IBS, flatulence, allergies, leaky gut,
Candida, chronic fatigue, back pain, depression, skin problems,
mouth odour, joint and muscle pain, headaches, PMS, anxiety,
insomnia, excess weight and even flu symptoms.

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